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An open letter to residents on the One Nation issue

20th July, 1998

Andrew Thomson MP
Federal Member for Wentworth
Minister for Sport and Tourism

Dear Resident,

As your local Member of Parliament I write to you about a controversial issue in the national political debate - the policies and prejudices being put around Australia by the One Nation Party and its leader, Mrs Pauline Hanson.

We Australians have always welcomed people to our shores, whether they are visitors, students, or immigrants. The Howard Government - while cleaning up the rorts and the mess left behind by the Labor Party - will always welcome people of all cultures, races and religions. Australia's nondiscriminatory policy will always remain.

I feel strongly about this issue. My wife was born overseas and I brought her here to Australia to start our family. I believe that any political leader who goes about making people feel unwelcome in Australia because of their language, race, or religion is not fit to hold public office.

Some parts of Australia are doing it tough. But the solution does not lie in ridiculous schemes like printing money, nor does it lie in scape-goating different ethnic groups.

We in Government are having a serious go at fixing the problems, like getting interest rates and inflation down, and repairing the welfare system with initiatives like Work-for-the-Dole. We will continue to tackle the difficult, but necessary, jobs that Labor ignored. Issues such as improving our unfair tax system will result in a better financial position for all Australians.

Regarding the One Nation Party, let me be clear: I utterly repudiate its dangerous policies, and I will insist that it be placed last in my electorate on the Liberal how-to-vote card at the next election.


Andrew Thomson
Federal Member for Wentworth
Minister for Sport and Tourism

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