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From the Families of the Victims of the Yarkon Bridge Disaster
which occurred on 14th July 1997
just prior to the opening ceremony of the 15th Maccabiah

MWU President Ronald Bakalarz, MWU Chairman Uzi Netanel and Maccabi Canada President Roy Saloman are due to appear before The Special  Committee in the matter of the Maccabiah Bridge Disaster on Tuesday January 5 1999 at 12 noon at the Knesset.

At the meeting of the committee on 23 December 1998, Chairman MK Micha Goldman said that he will propose, on behalf of the Committee's  members that the responsible executive members of the Maccabi World Union stand aside immediately as "those who are morally responsible for the tragedy cannot run away from their responsibilities."

The "families" of the victims in Australia and the official  roofbodies of Australian Jewry in the form of the Zionist Federation  of Australia and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry have been  calling for the stepping aside of Bakalarz and Netanel.  This call  has been supported by many prominent persons as well as ordinary  Israelis and Australians as the right and moral thing to do.

It is expected that the Special Committee will call for their  resignations at the hearing tomorrow.

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