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Maccabi Australia sues Maccabi World Union

 Press Release 7th October 1999


Maccabi Australia is suing its parent body, the Maccabi World Union (MWU) for $300,000-

As specified in the Statement of Claim filed in the District Court at Haifa, MWU's liability for damages claimed by MAI is rooted in the fact that MWU was the entity which initiated and organized the opening ceremony of the 15th Maccabiah and requisitioned the construction of the Bridge without considering any safety guidelines and without considering the safety and health of those who would have to use the bridge during the opening ceremony. 

Other claims raised against MWU include: negligence in choosing and contracting with the Bridge contractor, considering budgetary considerations only and disregarding safety criteria; failure to check the Bridge and its design, and failure to obtain sufficient insurance coverage.

Colin Elterman, spokesperson for the victims commented: "As Maccabi Australia is a constituent of MWU, this action constitutes a further compelling reason that the President and Chairman of MWU should stand down so that a complete and professional revamp of MWU can take place.

How many more lawsuits are needed to be filed before the MWU realises that all is not well in the State of Maccabi and that drastic reforms and changes are required to be implemented to ensure professionalism and safety at MWU events?"

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