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March 2003

The following information has been provided by BrookesNews.Com:

We at Brookes are disturbed by the hard left's stoking of anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism. Although there were banners and placards denouncing Israel and comparing Bush to Hitler at the recent so-called peace rallies there were none condemning Saddam or his anti-Semitic Baath Party. 

I watched in disgust as certain politicians and union leaders addressed the crowds without once commenting on the tone of these placards and banners. That these people willingly support organisations connected with the anti-Semitic and pro-Saddam WWP is something we should seriously ponder. 

I genuinely think this is a problem and that it needs to be urgently tackled. This means that we should not cave in to the left's moral posturing. Allowing their accusations to go unchallenged encourages them to make even more outrageous charges. 

That the left has turned Israel's plight into a propaganda victory for Arafat is evidence of the success of its propaganda campaign. It is something of a dark miracle that they turned public opinion against a threatened Israel by portraying the country as a jackbooted bully beating defenceless Arabs, when it is not actually murdering them. 

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We are independently funded and have no political affiliations. To speak bluntly, our backers got fed up with the anti-American and anti-Israeli line that most reporters seem to mindlessly toe and decided to provide a modest alternative that would try to tell it like it is. 

For example, terrorists are always called terrorists and no excuse for their atrocities is acceptable to us. We are also not afraid to directly tackle those in the media who slant their commentary and distort the facts. Unfortunately, limited resources prevents us from doing more of this.

We also strive to provide the kind of background material that most reporters leave out of their stories. Brookes was the only Australian service, for instance, to provide background material on those organisations behind the 'peace rallies'. 

We also tried to put the movement into a historical perspective. For instance, the article on Saddam's defiance that  contains material on Ramsey Clark, one of his supporters, that sympathetic reporters have ignored. 

It is our firm belief that one cannot expect the public to develop an informed opinion unless it has been supplied with the necessary and undistorted facts. We are, in our own small way, trying to honestly inform the public. 

Incidentally, anyone we criticise has full right of reply.

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