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 8 July 1998

“The racist One Nation party appears to be thin on the ground in Kingsford-Smith, but no one should underestimate their threat to Australia’s social cohesion and cultural diversity”, the Federal Member for Kingsford-Smith, Laurie Brereton, said following the publication today of One Nation’s secret membership list by the Australia/Israel Review.

“There is no surprise that only a handful of One Nation members can be found in Kingsford-Smith, one of the most culturally diverse electorates in Australia with more than 36 per cent of residents speaking a language other than English in the home.  One Nation’s as yet unnamed candidate for Kingsford-Smith will have to push very hard and up hill to make a significant impact.”

“What is noteworthy, however, is the degree to which it appears One Nation is focusing its recruitment efforts on Prime Minister Howard’s home state of New South Wales.”

“Although containing only a portion of the total membership claimed by One Nation, the list of nearly 2,000 One Nation members published by the Review reveals New South Wales as the home of a significantly higher proportion of the party’s membership than previously thought.  More than 47 per cent of the One Nation members listed are resident in New South Wales while Queensland members accounted for only 29 per cent.”

“While Pauline Hanson may see Queensland as the primary recruiting ground for One Nation, David Oldfield and David Ettridge appear to be putting their efforts into building a party structure predominantly based in New South Wales with the aim of propelling Mr Oldfield into a New South Wales Senate seat.  Holding the Senate balance of power is clearly Mr Oldfield’s overwhelming ambition.”

“The action of the Australia/Israel Review in publishing One Nation’s secret membership list should be applauded.  While questions of privacy must always be considered, there is a strong case for disclosure of One Nation’s membership lists.”

“Excessive secrecy is the ideal breeding ground for the racism and bigotry that characterises so much of One Nation’s agenda.  Every person is free to join whatever political party they like.  But if they choose to join a racist party such as One Nation, a party which threatens to inflict grave harm on Australia’s social cohesion and national interests, they shouldn’t complain when the political spotlight is turned on them.”

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