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Letters from Jewish Australia - Jewish New Year Messages

1. Senator Nick Bolkus, Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

2. Minister for Communications and the Arts, Michael Lee

Senator Nick Bolkus, Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
I am pleased to have this opportunity to send a message to the Australian Jewish community on the occasion of Jewish New Year. I am particularly pleased to be able to send my message through the recently-established World Wide Web home page of the "Jewish Ozzies' International Network".

The Australian Government recognises and appreciates the importance of modern communications media, including the Internet, in helping to meet the information and communication needs of special interest groups, and, indeed, of all Australians. I understand that the "Jewish Ozzies' International Network" is accessible to anyone with an interest in the Jewish community and its concerns.

During this International Year for Tolerance, Australia can be proud of its reputation as a tolerant and cohesive society. By drawing upon the wisdom and insights of people of all backgrounds, and offering all Australians the opportunity to realise their potential to the maximum in a fair and tolerant environment, Australia can ensure its sociey continues to be dynamic and successful.

As our economy becomes increasingly internationalised, the Australian Jewish community is well placed to assist in building bridges between Australia and communities and economies around the world.

I commend the "Jewish Ozzies' International Network" for its participation in modern communications technology, and wish them and their subscribers , and the wider Jewish community, a happy and prosperous new year.

Minister for Communications and the Arts, Michael Lee
On the eve of the Jewish New Year, I am delighted to see that the Jewish Ozzies' International Network (JOIN) has launched its Home Page on the phenomenon called the Internet.

One of the great pleasures of the Net is seeing the spread of wonderful culture throughout the world, to see people of different backgrounds learning about each other and understanding.

I wish you well in your travels throughout the Net and assure you that I shall be regularly visiting you at

Improved communications systems certainly make special occasions like the New Year even more special. May you all - in Australia and throughout the world - have a most enjoyable New Year.

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