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Senator The Hon. Richard Alston

Federal Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts
Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate


Jewish New Year 5758 (1997)

I am delighted to send the Jewish community greetings for Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashana marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days leading to Yom Kippur, and I hope that the Jewish people all over the world are able to observe this holy period peacefully.

I am especially pleased to be able to send this message via JOIN since it demonstrates the great benefits of new communications services for dispersed communities. Advanced communications networks like JOIN are helping the Jewish diaspora form a strongly united global community. Dispersed members of the community are able to use this technology to communicate and discuss relevant issues, as well as to create and share information that help sustain traditional forms of Jewish culture and knowledge.

I am pleased that the Australian Jewish community has been quick to take up the new communications technology. The Jewish community in Australia is well respected for its progressive outloook. JOIN displays this progressive tendency, and I commend members of JOIN for their initiative in this area. I imagine that the network, and others like it, will be well used during the Jewish High Holy Days.

I sincerely hope that the New Year brings prosperous, happy and peaceful tidings to all Jewish people, both in Australia and abroad.

Yours sincerely


Minister for Communications,
the Information Economy and the Arts

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