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April 2002

"We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."  -- Golda Meir  - 1972.

Palestinian schools teach children to hate Jews/Israelis, and murder is advocated with the reward of martyrdom.

Around the world, attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions are increasing.  This growing tide of antisemitism, thinly veiled in anti-Israel sentiment, is fuelled by biased or unthinking media reports.

The root cause of terrorism anywhere and everywhere is, as expressed by President Bush, simply "the will to do evil".

Nevertheless almost all reporting of the Arab war against Israel allows no distinction between the deliberate murder of civilians and the inadvertent harm done to civilians in a military action.

Melbourne journalist, Andrew Bolt, has given much thought to how "the will to do evil" is being nurtured. Andrew says "I'm not Jewish. But I do believe in now-deplored concepts such as civilisation, the dignity of individuals, the sanctity of human life, democracy and free speech. All of these come to play in the battle over Israel's right to exist."

We invite you to visit our web site  or simply click on the articles below to read his understanding of some of the forces which threaten Israel and democracy

   The Extremists War - Herald-Sun, Melbourne, 18th March 2002

   Islam's Deadly Truth - Herald-Sun, Melbourne, 28th March 2002

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