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April 2002 - Facts about the Struggle in Israel

Briefly about the struggle in Israel today, these are facts!!!. 
It will only take you one and half minute to read! 
It is logical and it is fair. Jewish or not Jewish, it is important. Please read. 

1. The nation and Jerusalem - Israel was a state in - 1312 B.C. two thousand years before Islam. 

2. Only in 1967 two decades after the formation of the state of modern Israel the Arabs in Israel began to call and identify themselves as Palestinians. 

3. After the Jewish occupation of the country in 1272 B.C. the Jews controlled it for a thousand years and there was a consecutive presence in it during 3,300 years. 

4. The Arab control of the country after the occupation in 635 lasted only 22 year. 

5. During more than 3,300 years Jerusalem was the Jewish capital. For the world Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab state or the Moslem world. Even the Jordanians, when they occupied Jerusalem, did not crown her to be their capital, and Arab leaders did not criticize them. 

6. Jerusalem is remembered and mentioned more than 700 times in the Bible and not even once in the Koran. 

7. King David founded the city of Jerusalem, Mohamed never set foot in the city or her surroundings areas. 

8. Jews pray facing the city of Jerusalem, Moslems pray facing Mecca.

9. In 1948 the Arab leaders were encouraging the Palestinians to leave the country. 60% fled without seeing an Israeli soldier at all. The Arab leaders promised them to purify the country from Jews.

10. At the same time Jewish Refugees were compelled to flee from Arab countries on account of violence, persecution and pogroms by Arabic Mobs. 

11. Number of the refugees which exited in 1948 from Israel is estimated to about 630,000. The number of the Jewish refugees that fled from Arab countries at the same time is estimated to be the same number. 

12. Arab countries, in spite of their huge territories have not absorbed the Palestinians refugees in their own countries (on purpose). From the 100,000,000 refugees in the world since the Second World War, the Palestinians constitute the only group that did not and were not integrated into the countries in which they tried to find shelter. All of the Jewish refugees were absorbed in Israel, a State not larger than New Jersey.

13.There is only one Jewish State - there are eight Arab states not including Palestine 

14.All the five wars in the Arab -Israeli conflict where initiated by the Arabs and were lost by them. Israel defeated them every time. 

15. The Fatah treaty still requires an annihilation of Israel. In spite of the hostility, Israel handed over most of the territory of the West Bank, to the Palestinian autonomy and provided them with weapons.

16. In the time of the Jordanian authority, holy Jewish sites were plundered and Jews were denied access to them. Under the Israeli authority, all the Moslem sites and the Christian sites were guarded and open access guaranteed  to them by believers of any faith.

17. The UN and the world press were silent when 58 synagogues and parts of the Jewish ancient cemetery on the Mountain of Olives were ruined and methodically desecrated by the Jordanians. Access to the Western Wall was denied to Jewish worshippers. 

These they are terrible times. We must ask ourselves what should be our role. What will we tell our grandchildren, what was our roll at that turning point in the fate of the Jews.

It is your opportunity to influence. Start now!! Send this info to 20 others and request them to send it to 20 more. Jewish or non Jewish, it is unimportant. Truth and peace are mutual values to all of us, and all of the facts must be known.

from an email being distributed April 2002

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