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Queen's Birthday Honours - 1998

Each year on the Queen's Birthday, a number of Australians who have made an outstanding contribution to the welfare of this nation are honoured with the awards of AC - Order of Australia, AO - Officers of the Order of Australia - AM - Members of the Order and OAM - Medals of the Order of Australia.

 The Australian Jewish community has within it many public-minded citizens so it is not surprising to find Jews among the 1998 award winners.

 Of particular pleasure to JOIN was the knowledge of the award of an OAM to both DR MERVYN DOOBOV and MS SUE DOOBOV for their own individual, special contributions to Australian life in Canberra.

 I will never forget the support and encouragement received from them when I visited Canberra one cold winter's night in August 1994. On that night, with Mervyn's help, we held a demonstration of Jewish Networking in the Canberra Community Centre and almost an hundred people from all parts of the world participated. We remain "connected" even though Mervyn and Sue recently made aliyah.

 We wish them and the other Jewish award recipients A VERY HEARTY MAZELTOV and THANK YOU .

AC - Richard Pratt (Vic) 
AC - Prof Antony Wilks Burgess (Vic) 
AO - Justice Marcus Einfeld (NSW) 
AO - Graeme Samuel (Vic) 
AO - Joseph Saragossi (Q'ld) 
AM - Michael Marx (NSW) 
AM - Dr Joseph Epstein (Vic) 
OAM - Dr Mervyn Doobov (ACT) 
OAM - MS Sue Doobov (ACT) 
OAM - Mr Brian Nebenzahl (NSW) 

 Geraldine Jones
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