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What is next: pogroms? Terrorism?

PRESS RELEASE - 1st October 2001 from the National Council of Jewish Women in Australia

At a packed meeting at National Council of Jewish Women last night, 30 September, addressed by Dr Geulah Solomon OAM, National President of National Council of Jewish Women of Australia, the audience viewed with deep alarm a sample of the thousands of copies of the most vicious racist HATE PROPAGANDA ever produced since the Nazi era in Germany! This hate material has been professionally produced and was distributed to the thousands of NGO delegates at a supposedly anti-racist World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (WCAR) in Durban, under the auspices of the UN.

The attached resolutions were passed unanimously by acclamation including the additional resolution from the floor:

NCJWA Resolution re:-

The National Council of Jewish Women of Australia and all those present at this meeting on September 30 some 100 people view with deep alarm the spread of vicious hate propaganda against Israel and the Jewish people:

Therefore we want it noted that:

1. We reaffirm our unequivocal support for Zionism as the age-old Liberation Movement of the Jewish People, and our solidarity with the citizens and State of Israel at this difficult period in its history. Anti-zionism is synonymous with antisemitism and equates with racism. We deplore the unrelenting hostility, incitement to hatred and the use of violence to achieve political aims - including the cynical exploitation of suicidal murderers - which has been unleashed on the civilian population of Israel by the political and religious leadership of the Palestinian people in the last twelve months instead of accepting the hand of peace offered by the then Government of Israel at Camp David in 2000.

This absolute disregard for the sanctity of life, which is recognised by all moderate, major monotheistic religions in the world, makes a mockery of the ideals of the pursuit of peace and peaceful coexistence for and by the peoples in the region and wherever terrorist acts are executed in the world.

2. We, and NCJWA, have been shocked and like all peoples of goodwill in our democratic communities everywhere, have been traumatised by the events of September 11, 2001, in America. We mourn for our American friends and colleagues, for our fellow Australians and the many people of all faiths and nationalities who lost their own lives and those of their loved ones in those horrific, diabolical attacks in the USA.

All of us and the National Board and the membership of NCJWA in Australia, offer our heartfelt sympathies and our support to the American people in their hour of grief and tragedy.

3. We, and the NCJWA, call on all our communities general Australian, Jewish and fellow NGOs of goodwill, to be alert for, to educate and to guard against, all forms of HATE PROPAGANDA wherever and whenever it is disseminated particularly in the pluralist communities and the schools of our multicultural society. 

NCJWA and all of us denounce the United Nations and in particular the Human Rights Commission at its recent WCAR in Durban, for allowing the dissemination of a most vicious RACIST, antisemitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate-propaganda such as has not been seen since the Nazi era. NCJWA and all those present call on the UN and all its Agencies, to remove and expunge from their records all references to this most vicious slander and hatemongering of the Jewish people which was perpetrated under its banner in Durban.

In addition, NCJWA urges the UN to pass Resolutions condemning State-sponsored acts of criminal violence and mass murder which are perpetrated in the name of political activism against innocent civilians to expunge from the world of tomorrow the modern-day threat to humanity now known by the name of terrorism.


 In addition, from the floor, the following Motion was approved by the meeting:

This meeting urges the Australian Jewish Community (i.e. the ECAJ & its State constituents) FORTHWITH to establish a Standing Committee to produce and disseminate factual material about the only Democracy in the Middle East which is under daily attack by inciters to hatred and terror from its neighbours.

That our community set aside the necessary resources, financial and professional, as a top priority to counter the already disseminated hate material now in Australia, as well as in the free world everywhere. 

(Article sent to AJN and all Board members. Within 7 days, it will be sent to: NCJWA website, ICJW President and all Executive members, ECAJ, ZFA, AIJAC, and like-minded non-Jewish NGO Presidents, W CAR Australian NGO lists).


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