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 FROM:   Ephraim Ben-Matityahu, Consul General of Israel, Sydney

 DATE:    28 September 2001

 Due to the severity of the situation and a very unsettling coverage of some media organizations of the events, I feel compelled to share our views. Unfortunately, real issues are brushed aside in favour of images of  ‘a world’ instead of the real world.

 If we want to have peace, we need to identify the real causes of contentions, even if they aren’t always flattering to the majority of the states in the international community. To be strong is not always wrong, and to be the majority is not necessarily right.



 Terror is a strategic weapon. It has strategic goals. It has a great advantage; you don’t need an army to achieve your objectives, a modern technological free society provides every target. For terrorists, the goals justify the means. The enemy is total and absolute. Their cause is total and absolute - two opposites without compromise.

 Terrorism is the ultimate expression of hate. It tries to deny the most basic human right – life.

 The terror that struck against the United States is in the same spirit that brought about the butchery of more than 100,000 people in Algeria since 1996, followed by the bombing campaign in Paris in the same summer.

 It’s the spirit that leads to the massacres of thousands in Sudan every year, the same ideas that killed almost one million people by Saddam Hussein of Iraq, or the millions killed or brutalized and made refugees by the Taliban, in Afghanistan. And the list of atrocities goes to so many Arab and ‘Islamic’ countries.

 In Israel – the terrorists and their organisations are against the very existence of Israel, within any boundaries or concept. This is their strategic goal.

 The ‘Islamic world’ is a very illusive entity. As a religion it has great diversity. As politics, it has great uniformity. The main reason for uniformity is the fear of democracy that will bring an end to their dictatorial regimes. 

This is not Islam. This is the use of Islam as a political tool of government control and oppression by states and organizations by secular or religious leaders.

 Our way of life is not just a cultural issue, it’s first and foremost a political culture issue. It’s disturbing how poorly equipped we are to understand the roots and principles of our modern statehood. Only a century ago individual rights and personal empowerment didn’t exist in the ‘free world’.

 Today they do exist and evolve within democracies. Today they don’t exist among most Islamic/Arab states. This is the source of tension and contention.

 Within the group of so called Arab and Islamic nations, we find some of the richest leaders personally ruling over the poorest nations in the world. Their people are fully convinced that their biggest problems are the United States and Israel, or the ‘external enemy’, with a different common identity – free democratic societies.

  Consulate General of Israel

6th floor, 37 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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