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  FROM:   Ephraim Ben-Matityahu, Consul General of Israel

 DATE:     28 September 2001                                 



 There are more than 70 Islamic and Arab states in the U.N., overwhelmingly, ruled by autocracies or theocracies. By definition and practice - totalitarian regimes, from harsh to benevolent.

 The rulers of those countries are personally among the richest in the world by any scale. Their people are among the poorest on earth, by any standard.

 They spend hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons, while their people make no more than 1-5$ per capita per day!

Their biggest development programs are military and security forces.

These leaders send their children to study in the best universities in our free world, while many of their people suffer from high degree of illiteracy.

 Many of these regimes are the main cause of the biggest refugee problem in recent years. The boat people saga from Afghanistan is a vivid testimony to that effect. While democracies challenge their own morality over the treatment of these poor people, we totally ignore the perpetrators – their regimes and leaders, forcing them to flee in masses.

 The horrendous poverty, the huge illiteracy, corruption and violence against their own people, is none of our business. Actually, it is our fault… The leaders of these nations are always innocent; they bear no responsibility or any moral liability.

 The leaders of these nations, with one billion people and 20 million square kilometers are trying to convince us and their own people that the biggest problem of the world today is ISRAEL - a country of six million people on a stretch of land 500 km long and 40km wide. Israel is one of the leading nations in human development, for it’s a democracy.

 Our desire to believe that we are all ‘one family of nations’ is far from reality. While all people probably hope for much of the same, most of the leaders don’t feel and act under the concept of the well being of their people as the main role of government. Actually, the well being of the regime is far more important. The people who live under those regimes, by and large accept the legitimacy of their ruler to rule. Those who challenge it are in exile or in jail.

 “The Arab people are angry at the USA because of Israel”… Isn’t it fascinating that people, who earn ‘a dollar per day’ and are not viable politically or economically, are able to express liberally such a clear voice and message to the free world?

 So, who makes them angry, who directs their anger, and who are the journalists from different Arab/Islamic nations, with fluent English, but with a uniform message to the western media?

  Consulate General of Israel

6th floor, 37 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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