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Immigration Information

The Australian Jewish Community offers help and advice to would-be Jewish immigrants through Jewish Care Australia.

Jewish Care Australia is the federal organisation of Jewish social service organisations throughout Australia. In partnership with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the organisation represents the Jewish community in matters of immigration and social services.

Through the State organisations, a wide range of services are provided for migrants and for the vulnerable members of the community.

At the present time there is recognition of the need for special assistance to people in Argentina and the former Soviet Union.

Where Jews are facing a particularly bad situation Jewish Care Australia can put them in touch with Migration Agents on a pro bono basis and generally assist with their immigration and resettlement.

Anyone considering migrating to Australia needs to understand that, at this time, there are no special programs for Jewish people (other than in specialised jobs such as Rabbis; Jewish Studies teachers etc.). In all instances, an applicant would have to meet the eligibility criteria of the existing Migration Programs. Although all programs have clear guidelines and eligibility criteria, Australia has a system where professional Migration Agents can provide advice and assistance for a fee.

In order to see the full range of Government programs, and to assess eligibility, applicants are advised to visit the Government's Department of Immigration website at:  where all information is available.

Jewish Care is able to provide general information and, for those seeking additional help or advice, is able to recommend, and refer people to, a number of reliable and efficient Migration Agents. In special circumstances they are prepared to lower or waive their fees, depending on circumstances.

For successful applicants, the State organisations and local communities are ready and willing to provide a wide range of on-arrival and resettlement services.

To contact Jewish Care Australia e-mail to 


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